Clip Sling Comfort Access Padded with Head Support XL

The Oxford Comfort Access padded sling (extra large) with head support, has been designed to help carers facilitate the toileting process. This sling is used in conjunction with a 4-point positioning cradle. This sling is colour-coded along the binding to help indicate sling size.
SKU: LG6406
The Oxford Comfort Access Padded sling, with head support, has been designed specifically to facilitate the toileting process, allowing easy access to clothing. For use in conjunction with a 4-point positioning cradle, the patented Securi3 clip system ensures no inadvertent detachment of the sling. It is not a general purpose sling and will only suit approximately 25% of clients.

• Fully packed with integrated head support for additional comfort
• Adjustable body belt for added support and security
• Non-slip back section ensures the sling does not ‘ride up’
• Positioning handles allow patient repositioning
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BS EN ISO 10535

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ARTG# 396792