Clip Sling Comfort Access Padded with Head Support Large

The Oxford Comfort Access padded sling (extra-large) has been designed to help patients in the toileting process by allowing easy access to clothing. This sling can be used in conjunction with a 4-point positioning cradle to help with the positioning of the client. The sling has non-slip back support to ensure that the sling does not move, allowing the patient to feel more comfortable. 
SKU: LG6396
The Oxford Comfort Access Padded sling, with head support, has been designed specifically to facilitate the toileting process, allowing easy access to clothing. For use in conjunction with a 4-point positioning cradle, the patented Securi3 clip system ensures no inadvertent detachment of the sling. It is not a general purpose sling and will only suit approximately 25% of clients.

• Fully packed with integrated head support for additional comfort
• Adjustable body belt for added support and security
• Non-slip back section ensures the sling does not ‘ride up’
• Positioning handles allow patient repositioning
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BS EN ISO 10535

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ARTG# 396792