In-Situ XL

Experience unparalleled comfort with the Oxford In-Situ XL Sling, designed exclusively for reclined positioning. Crafted from breathable, cushioned 3D 'Spacer' material, it ensures high air permeability and comfort. Ideal for amputee lifting post-assessment, this hammock-style sling redefines patient care.
SKU: LG6145

The Oxford In-Situ is a hammock-style sling suitable for fitting from a recumbent position only.

Made from a cushioned and breathable 3D woven ‘Spacer’ material, with high air permeability offering high levels of comfort.

Suitable for the lifting of amputees following careful assessment.

Detailed Specification
  • Seamless design contributes to minimised pressure points
  • Integrated pommel offers added patient security
  • Colour-coded binding indicates sling size
  • Integrated storage pockets for sling straps
  • Coloured attachment loops promote correct/safe positioning
  • Can be customised to fulfil patient-specific needs
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BS EN ISO 10535

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ISO 10535 | 6 Month Inspection

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BS EN ISO 10535

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