Configura Bariatric Chair, Black Vinyl, TIS, 254kg, 16”H, 24''W

Discover the comfort and durability of the Configura Bariatric Chair in Black Vinyl with TIS 254kg capacity and 16-24 Arm Kit. Explore now!
SKU: CR5470

The Configura Bariatric electric riser recliner chair brings Configura technology to bariatric seating, now available in black vinyl fabric. The bariatric chair offers adjustability of size, pressure and postural supports appropriate for a wide range of users. This model of the chair has independent leg-rest, independent backrest motors and independent tilt-in-space motors. 

Detailed Specification

Weight Capacity: 254kg 
Leg-rest Weight Capacity: 127kg
Seat Height: 16"
Seat Width: 24"
Seat Depth: 20" or 22".