Configura Advance | Postural Backrest

The Configura Advance Postural Backrest is highly customisable, making this backrest suitable for many types of clients. All of the pillows can adjust by height, depth, and angle. The top two pillow side feature wings can also be adjusted to provide additional side support. 
SKU: CA2709
The Postural backrest is highly customisable to fit a variety of high care needs. All three pillows are height, depth and angle adjustable, while the top two pillows feature side wings which can be adjusted to provide side support.
Detailed Specification
  • Includes metal frames and cushions
  • Suitable for users with moderate to severe postural requirements
  • Fabric: Vinyl, with VP on contact areas
  • All backrest cushions can have stuffing removed to help with comfort and accommodating the user’s postural needs
  • Tool-less adjustments, with easy-click adjustment system
  • Suitable for use with Configura Advance