Achieving Comfort and Good Posture with Zero Gravity Seating and Beds

Imagine experiencing the ultimate relaxation, where your body effortlessly floats in a state of weightlessness, free from the strains of gravity. This serene state is the essence of zero gravity, a posture derived from NASA research that has revolutionised comfort and wellness in our everyday lives. In this blog post, we will explore how the concept of zero gravity has been integrated into cutting-edge seating and bedding solutions like the Configura Comfort Chair, Configura Advance Chair, and Empresa Bed.

The Zero Gravity Discovery

NASA's pioneering research on human body posture in space revealed that the neutral body posture representing a range of postures with specific joint angles was observed in weightlessness. As astronauts floated effortlessly in the microgravity environment of the International Space Station, scientists discovered that this posture offered numerous benefits, including reduced strain on joints and muscles caused by gravity.


5 Benefits of sitting and sleeping in a zero-gravity position

Though we cannot experience that completely weightless feeling here on Earth, we can still reap the benefits of sitting and sleeping in the zero-G position. With a quality bed or chair with the ability to get you to the zero-gravity position, you can experience the following:

  1. Pain relief: Aligning the spine distributes pressure evenly among vertebrae, reducing back pain and muscle discomfort associated with lying flat on a surface.

  2. Swelling reduction: Elevating the legs in this position encourages better blood flow, helping to alleviate swelling and oedema, particularly in the feet and ankles.

  3. Easier breathing: Raising the chest reduces pressure on the lungs, making breathing easier, especially for those with sleep apnea or asthma.

  4. Improved heart health: The position promotes stronger blood flow, relieving pressure on the heart.

  5. Enhanced digestion: The posture eases pressure on the digestive tract, aiding in smoother food passage and reducing heartburn and indigestion.


Zero Gravity Seating

Configura Comfort Chair

The Configura Comfort Chair by Enable Lifecare offers an innovative seating solution that embraces neutral body posture with its tilt-in-space feature. The Configura Comfort Chair accommodates diverse body shapes with its high level of adjustability, providing optimal support for individuals of varying sizes and weights.


The design of the Configura Comfort Chair is based on the principles of the neutral body posture, ensuring that users maintain a relaxed and natural position during prolonged periods of sitting. By incorporating the zero gravity concept, this chair helps reduce pressure on the spine and joints, preventing discomfort and promoting overall well-being during extended sitting sessions.

The tilt-in-space feature, which allows the user to achieve a neutral body position, combined with the 4-way stretch vapour permeable material, reduces shear while reclining. This considered engineering minimises the risk of skin tears while achieving the benefits of Zero-gravity.

The Configura Advance Chair

The Configura Advance Chair provides the next level of care, catering for those with complex postural needs. With a heavy emphasis on improving posture for the user, the Configura Advance High Care Chair is the most highly adjustable care chair on the market. Combined with its ability to get the user into a zero-gravity position with the tilt-in-space function, this chair provides optimal posture support and comfort.


Elevating sleep with the Empresa Bed

Realising that the benefits of zero gravity extend beyond waking hours, Enable Lifecare introduced the Empresa Bed sleep solution to provide the ultimate support. The Empresa Bed allows users to adjust their sleeping position to achieve a neutral body posture, contributing to restful and restorative sleep.


By elevating the upper body and legs, the Empresa Bed reduces pressure on the spine, alleviates discomfort, and improves circulation during sleep. This zero-gravity sleep position enhances the body's natural healing processes, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with joint pain, muscle strain, and various health conditions.

Embracing Zero Gravity for Wellness and Comfort

Thanks to NASA's groundbreaking research on neutral body posture in weightlessness, the concept of zero gravity has transcended space exploration, influencing innovative seating and bedding solutions. The Configura Comfort Chair, Configura Advance Chair, and Empresa Bed from Enable Lifecare exemplify how zero gravity principles have been integrated into everyday products, offering users unparalleled comfort and promoting good posture.


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