The Aria+ Hybrid Pressure Care System

Pressure care is a serious matter, and here at Enable Lifecare, we aim to provide the most innovative products to help you provide your clients with the highest level of care. From this, the Aria+ Hybrid Pressure Care System was created. A combination air foam mattress with a detachable pump provides personalised care.

Enable Lifecare's Aria+ mattress utilises the latest air cell technology to create a comfortable and effective pressure care and prevention mattress. The mattress incorporates air cells that respond instantly when repositioning users to redistribute pressure areas. The Aria+ mattress can be used independently for patients with lower risk or up to level 2 pressure injuries. Alternatively, combined with the Aria+ pump, it can provide treatment and prevention for category 3 and 4 pressure wounds. The Aria+ offers excellent value and cost-effectiveness with two available options.

Aria+ Mattress

The Technical

The mattress design features a foam head cell and five pairs of transverse air cells, each with a unique foam-profiled insert. These cells are cleverly arranged within a foam U core and covered with a waterproof, vapour-permeable cover. The transverse cells come in alternating pairs of A and B cells, which the mattress activates and deactivates in a sequential pattern for maximum comfort. The single pillow end is made entirely from comfortable, supportive foam.


Aria+ Mattress Features

Zone Zero

Zone Zero Offloader

The Zone Zero feature allows for the suspension of the heel, resulting in zero pressure. This makes it a valuable aid for preventing and treating heel ulcers, including those up to category 4.

Heel Slope

Heel Slope

The foot end of the mattress is designed with a decline, known as the Heel Slope. This feature helps prevent pressure ulcers in one of the most susceptible areas of the body.

Waterfall Flap


To ensure fluids have not penetrated the cover and damaged the foam, the zip is hidden behind an extra-long waterfall flap resistant to fluids. The flap can be opened to allow inspection, while handles are provided to ensure control during the process.



The design of this product aims to minimise tissue damage caused by shear and friction. The base foam is fixed in place on the bed frame while the top moves with the user.

Responsive Foam

Responsive Foam

Good microclimate management is essential in preventing pressure ulcers from forming. The Aria+ uses responsive foam with microclimate properties, allowing air to flow through the foam, keeping the body cool and dry. This foam makes up the top pressure relieving layer and Zone Zero feature.


The Aria+ Pump

The Aria+ pump stands out due to its sophisticated body sensitivity feature. It rapidly modifies the pressure of the mattress based on even the slightest movements, providing quick relief to the user. With this intelligent pump, caregivers can offer exceptional patient care and comply with clinical standards. Additionally, the advantages of using a single system extend to contemporary healthcare facilities, and the product's maximum weight capacity of 250kg makes it suitable for some bariatric clients. Furthermore, all the pump parts are interchangeable, which increases the product's lifespan and minimises its environmental impact.


Why Choose The Aria+ Hybrid Pressure Care System

What sets the Aria+ Pressure System apart from other hybrid mattresses on the market is the ability to add or remove the pump to increase or decrease the level of pressure care. This flexibility allows adaptable care for a patient throughout their recovery journey or can suit a variety of patients or residents with varying needs in a facility setting.

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The Aria+ Hybrid Pressure Care System is a sophisticated innovation that prevents and treats pressure sores. If you would like to speak with one of our product specialists to discuss this product further, call us on 1300 370 or email


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